Kids Club

We will be holding in-person registration for the 2018-19 IKWF Season on Monday October 1st, 2018 6pm-7pm at the Harvard High School Commons area.  We will also be at Milky Way Park during the Stingers Football practice Wednesday October 3rd 6:30pm-7:15pm and then Sunday October 7th 4pm-5pm at the Harvard Boys League Fields.  Our last in-person registration will be held on Monday October 29th 6pm-7pm at Harvard High School Commons area.

Its that time of the year when you should start to think about wrestling!  Instead of looking to see what IKWF clubs your kids can attend in Woodstock, Crystal Lake or Marengo... Why not "stay home?!" 

All Handouts needed can be found HERE!

 We are an organization created to boost the interest, knowledge, and active participation in the local wrestling community in and around Harvard. You will learn the most effective skills for being a successful wrestler and compete against other teams to further your skills. Harvard High School is the home base for the HWC, serving as the practice facility and operating headquarters.


**Jr. High Aged wrestlers will be able to participate in both the HWC and HJH Wrestling Teams if they choose to do so.**

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