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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Harvard Wrestling Club.  If you have any further questions, please e-mail us and let us know!  EMail:


    Q:  Does my wrestler have to attend all the tournaments listed?
    A:  No.  Kids abilities are different.  Some of the tournaments are specifically for beginners (1st and 2nd year wrestlers) and some are for more experienced wrestlers.  Your child's ability will be evaluated and we suggest you talk to one of the Coaches before you sign them up for a tournament.

    Q:  Are there additional fees throughout the season?
    A:  Yes.  An entry fee for each tournament will be collected for every tournament your child enters.  These entry fees are set by the individual tournaments and range from $15-$20 per wrestler. 

    Q:  Does my child have to be at every practice?
    A:  There is no penalty for your child not attending practice.  However, there are a lot of techniques to learn.  If your child misses a practice it could delay him/her from learning important practices.  If your child is going to miss a practice it is important the coaching staff is made aware of it so we can account  for all the wrestlers.

    Q:  What should my child wear at practice?
    A:  Each child should wear a t-shirt and shorts or a singlet.  It is important the wrestlers don’t have any additional buttons or strings on their clothes as these types of items can cause injuries and/or damage to the mats.  All wrestlers should wear wrestling shoes and a headgear during practice.  These items are also required for tournaments.  A locker room will be available before and after practice for the wrestlers to change.

    Q:  Where does my child get his/her singlets from?
    A:  The HWC has a number of singlets on hand for tournaments, but your child can also purchase their own singlet from the HWC. 

    Q:  As a parent, can I be matside for my child matches at tournaments?
    A:  No and yes.  You can be matside if you sign up for your USA Wrestling coaches card online.  If you don't have a USA Wrestling Coaches Card, you will have to remain in the stands.

    Q:  What kind of foods should my child eat during tournament days?
    A:  All tournaments will have a concession stands available.  If you are packing food for your child please make an attempt to pack healthy foods (low sugar) and plenty of fluids.

    Q:  Will I be allowed to watch my child during practice time?
    A:  For the IKWF club practice, doors will be closed and off limits for parents.  You are welcome to stay at the HHS in the Wrestling hallway or in the Commons area (Old Cafeteria). 

Match Scoring for Wrestling

The scoring for matches is as follows.

                2- points for a takedown

            1-  Point for an escape

            2-  Points for a reversal

            3-  Points for near fall (back points longer than 5 seconds)

                 2-  Points for near fall (back points longer than 2 seconds, but less than 5 seconds)


Matches consist of three periods unless there is a pin

                The first period both wrestlers start on their feet. (Neutral)

                The second period the referee will flip a coin.  The winning wrestler will be able to decide if they want to start on top, on bottom, neutral, or defer it to his opponent. 

                The third period will start by the wrestler who didn’t win the coin toss in the second period deciding if they want to start up, down, or neutral.